22 May 2007

life's little surprises

Do you remember when I excitedly began working on the new nasturtium bowl and I showed you the picture below (on the left) of the new green I was using without having made a test of it first? You all commented on how much you liked the color. I was brave (and naive) to think that it would be close to the color it was out of the bottle. I can only laugh at myself for being so bold.

See the wee bit of green on the inside of the bowl on the right? That is the color it turned out. A lovely shade of baby poop brown! Actually I love the color and it goes quite well with some of the other new colors I have been doing tests of. I just hadn't expected it to turn out so far from the color on the left. So remember friends, always make a test before you boldly go where no other ceramic artist has gone before.


Annie said...

I love the earthy ochre-ish color it turned, but what do you do if you want it to end up the un-fired shade of green?

Hope you're doing well!

jen j-m said...

i love baby poop brown. i think i'd be hard pressed to think of any color you use that i don't love, whether it is intentional on your part or not! happy accidents and all that jazz...