11 April 2007

new green

For those of you who don't know (which is probably most of you) I am a runner, errrrr I should modify that and say... a loper. I am not fast and I am not out to prove anything or beat anybody. I run for my mental health and to help keep my propensity for getting chubby in check. Now five years into my loping career I am a total convert and get depressed at the thought of the day when I will no longer be able to go for a good long jog. I thank whomever is in charge that at the age of 42 I can push out five or so miles with relative ease. I usually run in Golden Gate Park through the groves of cypress trees and past the buffalo that live in the park. Throughout the year I observe the changes in foliage, what is in bloom, dodge the pine cone detritus that is left behind from storms and leap over puddles in a single bound. All of this is one of the greatest joys in my life and makes me feel like one very sweaty super hero...even if it is in my own mind. It is on my runs that I have my most inspired moments. Of late I have been running on a path that has very large growths of nasturtium that flank its sides. Beautiful large roundish leaves with winding veins in lovely bright green topped with bright orange, creamy yellow and red flowers. I whiz by these patches of nasturtium, spotting drops of water glistening on the leaves and think, I have to make a nasturtium bowl. So that is what I am doing. The photo above is the piece in process. I have a new green (I always love a new color) that I am using on the interior and I am being especially adventurous in using it as I haven't made a test of it. Now that's faith...See what a good lope can do for you!


sulu-design said...

I always thought runners were insane, but in order to get my mind and body in check last summer, I picked up the habit myself. And now I can't face a day without a nice run - who woulda thought? It's amazing how much the act of running has positively affected my craft and the passion that I bring to it. Nice to see it happening with others, too!

sia said...

Hmmm - Should catch up on my running again.
Lovely blog, nice reads.

And these are my two favourite colours! :-)

cheers from Amsterdam

Anonymous said...

This is a darker version of my Kitchen walls.Pretty ! That loping thing sounds like what I would do if I actually tried running.I always fall back on saying I use to run... When I was in Junior High.Anyway, looking forward to seeing your Nasturtium bowls with the new color.

Abby Creek Art said...

Yep...exercise seems to bring my creative ideas to the surface too. I don't seem to be a runner though as I always get side aches. I walk every day though...nice long walks in the rain, snow or sunshine. It works wonders!

simple me said...

Sorry Diana but I'm a no runner. Give me 2 hours in the swimming pool going back and forward non stop, but no running please :D
But I walk, and I love to walk. I walk almost everywhere if I have the time.
This morning I went for a wonderful walk along the coast (the 2nd one in 1 week) and I love to observe all the details of tiny flowers and the wonderful colourful carpet that is the maritime vegetation over here. Nature is the greatest inspiration indeed!

Eva said...

I love nasturtiums! Especially that beautiful orange color they get. I know you will make a wonderful etching of them on your bowls.