14 May 2007

summer fun

Hello friends! First off thank you all for all the thoughtful responses to my last post! Though I thought that it might be taboo to talk about money turns out is was not...It seems as if the topic cracked open whole can of worms for a lot of people. It is so very important for all Artists to take themselves and their work seriously. We, after all lay the ground work, for one another. I feel that I set a precedent not only for myself but for those who fallow along side of me and in my footsteps. Charging what we are worth and knowing how to price our work accordingly is tricky...but doable. All the response to the subject got me thinking about pricing and how one might go about it. I realized that though I get a reaction from the public because of my prices (this will never go away and I am very used to it) I am comfortable with where I stand and feel my prices are very fair. Throughout the years I have applied some rules of thumb to pricing my work. I think it might be helpful to some of you out there if I share some of my thoughts about how I go about doing this. I have to think about it a little more before I go into it any further so check back with me, it will be sooner than later I promise. (yikes, did I just make a promise on my blog!?)

I also wanted to let you know that I will be teaching a workshop in July ( It was originally set for May 26th but was changed because of the Memorial Day holiday). It is at the fabulous Heath Ceramics Factory in Sausalito, California. It was a blast last time I taught it and I am so looking forward to teaching it again. I hope to see some of you there!


Devil's Son said...

nice and pretty...

Briana said...

Oh wow! I *heart* Heath Ceramics - even more so since I read the article on the newish owners and their home in, uh, some magazine.
Wish I could be there to take the class.


lottie said...

If only I lived even close to California, I'd love to attend the workshop! I found your post on pricing very insightful as well - I'm studying upholstery and soon will embark on working for clients. It is incredibly labour intensive and involved, and I hope people understand that prices will have to reflect this.

amisha said...

how i wish i could attend your workshop!! congrats!!
so interested in your process on pricing too. as i am selling my handmade goods for the 1st time this was a very hard issue.

Abby Creek Art said...

Have a great time teaching, Diana...and say hi to beautiful Sausalito for me!

bugheart said...

that's amazing...
heath...and you
how perfect-
2 of my favorite

samin said...

i just signed up for the class this morning. so excited!!!

one black bird said...

thanks for stopping by devils son!

heath is pretty darn fabulous and i am so honored to get to be a part of their workshop series again. it is as cool in real life as it seems from far away! if you are ever in the area you should make a point to visit there.

oh i wish you could all be here for the class too! that would be so much fun.

I will say hi to sausalito for you
abby :)

i will get to the pricing thing soon...eh, heh (i am avoiding it a bit...) but i will do it, just have to sit down and work it all out:P

one black bird said...

see you there samin :) :)