24 May 2007

welcome back

After a very long hiatus my canteen vases are finally back! I was separated from my molds all of last year and since I have been back in San Francisco all of my attempts to get these guys done have been ill fated (er, no pun intended). So they have returned...The lovely, curvaceous, two sided canteen vase. These sweeties are soon to be sent to a very special store in Los Angeles called Show.

canteen vases red & ice blue

In the studio, I am having a bit of problem with my glazes crawling and underglazes peeling. I am coming to the conclusion that I might be working with an inferior product and that it is not remediable. Or it is just my greasy little fingers contaminating the surfaces...most likely not the latter as I am constantly washing my hands. I have had a lot of losses lately which really frustrates me (and the people who are waiting on orders).

8oz cups, gray green, orange & natural

The good news is that I do have some more of these guys for sale. New colors too! These are a little smaller than the last cups I posted, 8oz and they have a lovely sprig flower on them. I have a handful of them available in flame orange, gray green(sold), and natural (sold) and they are $30. Pop me an email at diana@dianafayt.com if you would like one.
There are still a few orange ones left!

For some weekend fun check out the adventures of the little people of Sandwich Mountain. (ahhh, the the great minds of ceramic artists!)

A late breaking (but not too late) tidbit. My friend and fellow potter, Ayumi has some gorgeous work for sale at Akar. Check it out here! One of each for me please! Love, love, love, what Ayumi does!


Joanna Bolick said...

I love those canteens! Very cool!

Briana said...

The little people are killing me.

I will have to go visit your vases at Show... and the tumblers are beau-ti-ful.

one black bird said...

thanks Joanna!

bri, those little people...they sure do get around. hell with mt. everest, give me sandwich mountain any day!

jesseca said...

Oh my, those are soooooo pretty. Just beautiful work you do. My mom is a potter, so I can appreciate all of the variables involved in mixing glazes ;)!!

amisha said...

the vases are beautiful! love the shape and colors.