09 October 2009


Dearest Friends,

It has been months since I have posted anything here and I have received a number of emails and comments asking if I am okay and why have I stopped writing.

Back in 2006 when I started writing this blog, I was living and making my work in a studio on 96 acres in rural New York with two friends, four cats and a couple of dogs. The peace and quiet was wonderful but I was feeling a little isolated and was craving contact with my community. Blog writing on the subject of ceramics was still relatively novel and I had the time to write. It all just seemed to fit. Then I moved back to San Francisco, blog in hand, and continued to have a lot of fun writing. But about a year ago I started to lose steam. I am not certain why, but mainly I think there is a lifespan to these things. They are born out of need and when that need is met, new needs present themselves and what once was satisfying can start to feel like a chore.

Then this summer, I made the cover of Ceramics Monthly and suddenly I felt like everyone was expecting me to say something more. I have received hundreds of emails since, asking me a multitude of questions, from show inquiries, to questions on how to run a small business to folks wanting me to share my process. And while this has brought many wonderful opportunities my way, it has also been a little overwhelming trying to keep up with all of it while trying to run a business. My immediate response was to want to hide. At my core, I can be a very shy person and having to act on demand is not something I do comfortably. Just ask my mom about this one. She couldn't get me to speak a word of Hungarian as a small child (I hated being the center of attention) but years later, on my own accord, I would move to Hungary and teach myself how to speak the language. I have a contrary nature that way. Frustrating, I am certain, to those who are close to me.

I guess what I am saying is that the only way I can do this is if I feel compelled to. Unfortunately, I just haven't felt it. I can't do it simply because people want me to. It just doesn't fit with who I am. Also, I am in the process revamping my website and with this overhaul I intend to add a dynamic news/blog page but want to leave this open and am not yet certain how that will look. I am looking forward to a fresh start and perhaps something less focused on me and my work alone.

Without question the writing of this blog has changed my life and has brought countless amazing people and opportunities my way.
For this I am EXTREMELY grateful.
I want thank you all, from the top and bottom of my heart,
for reading, your continued support and for all your kind comments along the way.

I hope you will follow me into the future.

(one black bird)


tinku said...

I have loved reading your blog & look forward to keeping in touch in other ways. Enjoy the silence! :)

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Fair enough. Happy making! That's what's most important, right?

amisha said...

i look forward to keeping in touch in whatever way ends up happening, sweet lady. and i've been feeling the same way about blogging (though without the fabulous ceramics monthly aspect ;) )- i'm looking forward to figuring out other ways to keep in touch with the people i've met that i adore, like you. xox

Linda Starr said...

I'll stay tuned.

Shannon Garson said...

See you Diana, it's been great. At least I saw your wonderful work through blogging. Maybe one day we'll actually meet!
Good Luck

FetishGhost said...

I'm a bit bummed I found your blog a bit too late...your older enteries. Cheers and thanks, I hope our paths cross around the bay some day.

lisa solomon said...

sad to see you leave this space, but totally understand....

glad you are on twitter... obviously will follow you no matter where you go!!

Anna said...

I'll miss your blog notes but totally understand - nothing is much fun if you feel you HAVE to do it!
Glad you are OK, I have been checking in now and then so thanks for the explanation and good luck.

Ron said...

Diana, I do hope you'll continue to post now and again from your website once it's up and going. I have always enjoyed this space and know you will continue to have much to share with us all in whatever way you choose.

stephanie levy said...

you are great and generous diana, and we'll be happy to follow you in the future :)

take your time!

firehead4 said...

i just discovered your blog.
you're fantastic and brave.


terraworks said...

so happy that i found this blog- courtesy of a blog titled "mud musings" - i checked out your etsy shop and of course had favored your shop eons ago (; LOVED reading all about your journeys as an artist- amazing wares-

cynthia said...

You wrote what I couldn't quite formulate in my head about my own blog. It's on hold while I figure out whether I want to continue in that vein.

Congratulations for all the well deserved success!

tkceramics said...

Just followed you on Twitter to keep up with you.

TracyH said...

I can relate on every level. Creative people shouldn't stay in one place at a time anyway ~ I'm thrilled for you...I send warm wishes and many more successes and evolutions that are equally as fulfilling throughout your life!

eroica said...

hey diana
i loved this post...
i hope you are so so happy right now.
xx yet another fan