28 May 2009


The other day I was having lunch with my good friends Annie and Eric at their wonderful studio. While we were eating Banh Mi and drinking champagne (it was Eric's birthday), Eric made a point to congratulate me making the cover of Ceramics Monthly and then told me this story;

When he was a young art student and needed a bit of inspiration, he would often go into the student office and look through the collection of magazines that the school provided. Amongst that pile of magazines there would always be an issue or two of Ceramics Monthly, they may have been really old, he said, but they would always be there. He would leaf through the magazines to get creative ideas and perhaps daydream about making something like the things he saw and entertain romantic notions of maybe, one day, seeing his work on the cover of one of those magazines. Eric looked at me and said; "Diana, isn't it so cool that you will inspire some unknown young aspiring artist out there who will find this issue with your work on the cover buried in the pile of magazines and be inspired to do the same?"

I looked at Eric and said, I was 'that' student twenty years ago.

I want to extend my deepest gratitude
to those of you who have inspired, encouraged and supported me on this journey. I truly could have not come this far without it.
There have been many moments when I wanted to throw in the towel and inevitably someone would say to me,
"you can't, you can't give up."

This is for you, all of you.