27 September 2006

where to start?

It is good to be home but I must admit I am having a difficult time focusing. The problem is that I want to do everything. Impossible, just impossible, but my brain loves this little game it plays with itself…how many projects can you imagine doing right now, ALL at once! I know I am not alone with this syndrome. The best thing to do is to just start on something, one thing, and the rest will all fallow. Yes?

I have so much work to complete and some exciting new things in the works that I will announce in the next week or so. In the mean time I am thrilled because I am finally going to get to meet this lovely person for tea next week. We have been emailing each other since February. I am looking very forward to our long awaited rendezvous.

I went to the Candy Store today to visit and say hello. Also stopped into the Gardener a couple of days ago and got a sweet feeling when I saw my swallow platter displayed so exquisitely beside their fireplace.

Thought I’d post something other than my ceramics this time around. I have been known to draw on paper and make other things. Seems like these days all my drawing happens on the clay. Occasionally though, I sneak away from the ceramic studio and make something else…imagine that!

22 September 2006

east to west & everthing in between

Thirteen days of road travel and sixteen states, I have finally made it home. I am in a bit of shock and overwhelm at the moment. Processing where I just came from and all the adventures in between and the arrival back home brings on the "my brain is spinning out of control" mode. The contrast of where I just left, a farm in the Hudson Valley of New York, back to the urban tempo of San Francisco is interesting. Above are pictures from the studio in New York (top) and the entrance to my studio here in San Francisco (bottom). You can see the difference for yourself. I love it all and it excites me to have such contrast in my life.

16 September 2006


I have a dirty little confession to make; I have a thing for rear ends… of trucks. I have become obsessed with taking photos of the back end of trucks. I often find what is loaded on them quite interesting, often beautiful and in this case, poignant.

I am almost home folks. Three more states to go. This photo says it all. Can't wait to get back at it!

02 September 2006

in between

These last couple of days have felt strange. A kind of limbo has set in. I have finished most of my packing up, shipped all my orders, started saying good-bye to friends. Now is in-between time, in-between being here and getting home. I have gone through a wave of emotions, tearful, joyful, nostalgic, scared, eager, excited, actually I have been experiencing all of these everyday for the past week. I have been a vagabond of sorts for the past year. I have liked it and have also tired of it. I do look forward to my home, my old haunts and am excited about seeing my city with fresh eyes. I will be on the road for a couple of weeks so the voice from inside the studio may be quiet for a while but I will definitely be back and filling you in on all my studio happenings a la west coast when I return to San Francisco so keep checking back.