17 November 2006

keeping up

I am feeling like a bad blogger lately. It is not that I don't have things to write about or that I am not working on anything . Strangely enough it is because of these things. I have a lot I would like to write about and my table at the studio and home is so full of work in progress that I barely have space to work. It is that old monkey on my back called overwhelm. I get in this state and then my faculties to focus on multiple tasks starts to wane. I've talked about it before and I know, KNOW, that I am not alone. Generally what gets me going is to dip my feet in the water and start off with something small that is not result oriented. An exercise of sorts.

In the studio, I am working on orders, orders, orders! I am a bit tardy on one specific order
(not yours Kristi!). Returning home, getting re-situated, remaking all my molds (they took twice as long to dry than usual) and then the calendar launch took up more time than I expected. Well being the one woman factory that I am I do have to eek out a little time to eat, sleep and see friends (and take salsa dance classes). So I haven't been able to keep up quite as well as I intended. One of the many skills I developed as a waitress was that no matter how crazy things got and things can get really crazy in a restaurant, regardless of how much I might of felt like things were getting out of control, I wasn't going to die and my customers weren't going to die either. (unless they choked on a chicken bone or something. Thank god for boneless breasts!) That life would go on and at the end of the day/shift things would be okay. I keep this thought right up at the beginning of the line of thoughts in my head. It keeps me calm and focused and I can work better and with good intention. Such an important thing for myself and everyone to remember, especially at this time of year.

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