05 April 2008

line & color

work for Line & Color

I wanted to let you know the Line and Color show opens tonight at Mudfire Gallery.

I love what gallery owners Eric and Luba have to say about the show.

"The goal of the ceramic artist is to create a compelling surface that reinforces and draws from the form, without simply covering it. The process begins with three dimensional design with an eye toward eventual embellishments. The canvas's creation itself presents not only aesthetic but technical decisions. Mineral oxides, glass formers, fluxes, and refractory materials are blended to achieve the desired effect. Like the master painters of old, the artist must also source and process materials to craft their pigments - stains, glazes, terra sigillatta, lusters, overglaze, and other studio arcana. At the end the work is ready for a magical transformation as the intense heat of the kiln plays its own tricks and wizardry, boldy claiming for itself the rights to the final appearance.

To paint on clay is to be equal parts alchemist, technician, gambler, and artist. The artists selected for this exhibition collectively express the stunning diversity and vitality that clay is capable of as canvas."

If you are in the Atlanta area do stop on by. Sadly I wont be there myself but if
you do go please say hello to Erik and Luba for me.

Happy Saturday!


Angela Rockett said...

Sadly, I will not be able to see this show in person (Seattle to Atlanta's a bit of a commute), but I have several inlaws in that area so I forwarded the information to them. I'm hoping one of them will catch the clue and buy one of your pieces for me. ;)

Michael Kline said...

I'll be going to Mudfire on Monday and I really look forward to seeing your work, it's beautiful.

Shiny Black Shoes said...

Everything looks beautiful!