02 April 2008


blue pears & the bird
18" platter

So do you remember this post? I promised I would be back to show you some magic... Ta da! Here it is!
The finished platter.

I also wanted to chime in and talk a little bit about process sharing. Seems I opened a can of worms with the platters progress post. I received many an email asking me what exactly my process is and to explain it. I admit that it may have been misleading and that it might have looked like I was giving a tutorial but in fact my intention with that particular post was to share with you what goes into my making one of my platters and was not intended, in any way, to be a tutorial. So if you write (or wrote) to me and ask me to give a detailed explanation of my process and I respond by saying no, please, please don't be offended. I ask you keep in mind this is my livelihood. I have had a handful of bad experiences with large companies and individuals knocking off my work and stealing designs so putting it ALL out there is not something I am comfortable with. Besides the magic would be gone if I revealed my tricks.

I know it sucks to get a reply denying your request when you are well meaning and asking a question out of enthusiasm because you are inspired by what you see. Believe me, I feel awful writing back saying no I'm not going to tell you what you would like to know.
So let's not make
each other feel bad anymore, okay?
No more dreaded question and no more dreaded answer.

One kindly inquirer suggested I write a book about my process and I thought it was a great idea. Maybe someday that will happen and if it does I promise I will write a very juicy tell all.

P.S. A special thanks to those of you who did write and ask and so graciously accepted my response and wrote back to me saying you understood. I truly appreciate it!


Angela Rockett said...

So beautiful! And your work is always magical.

cally said...

Magic indeed!
It was great to see this piece in progress, and now to see the result, it's bloomin' gorgeous!

cynthia said...

Fantastic! Somethings are meant to be a secret...



amisha said...

ohhh... it is magical! so beautiful diana. xo

belinda said...

Not knowing the details of how your work is made adds to the beauty of your pieces Diana. There is clay and then your hands transform the clay into beautiful things- magical indeed!

barbjensen said...

Well, I, for one, really enjoyed the process post. I didn't feel it lacked for detail at all.
But now I really want to know ALL YOUR SECRETS.
Was it the tea?

bridgmanpottery said...

Diana, I really enjoyed your process post, and this one, as well. I especially like what you had to say about this being your livelihood. I thing that many people who do crafts forget that some crafts also represent our incomes. I've had several requests for trades that I've had to decline lately; your thoughtfulness in this post helps me to articulate to them why, without being rude.
You are an inspiration, as always!

Anna said...

Love the results of your technique. As a potting hopeful your post did leave out as much as it explained but I certainly respect your wish to retain some secrets. Love the latest for the show. You are certainly a hard worker.