11 September 2007

get in line

I wanted to pop in and show you that I am still up to ceramic no good...This little grouping is a commission that I just finished for some very lovely people in Washington State. The couple whom I made these plates for have a farm and wanted twelve salad plates that represented the farm so I did a series of fruits, flowers and branches for them. They have put together a table setting of mix and match work from various Ceramic Artists. I love this idea! For me it is like I will be sitting down in the company of the guests at their table AND also amongst peers and fellow Artists as well.

I am starting to prepare my new studio space for my big move. I have to admit that it has been difficult for me to focus on work while at my studio with my impending move. I keep catching myself daydreaming about where I will put my tables, should I or shouldn't I paint the shelves white, etc. Joy of all joy's I will finally have a large wall to hang work and put up my little bits of inspiration. I have been crammed into a very small amount of space for a number of years now. I have made the best of it but lately I have been spilling out everywhere so the extra space all to myself is not only necessary but super exciting as well. I'm gonna make it nice and organized and pretty too!

Off to work now...Happy day all!


Margaret Brampton said...

Have you seen the book 'Setting Up Your Ceramic Studio'? It's full of ideas and plans for the studio potter. It's the equivelant of a homes and gardens magazine for potters. You get to peek into other peoples studios. You are so going to love your new studio.

amisha said...

your new plates are beautiful! the table setting is such a cool idea... it must be glorious all laid out together.
and good luck with the upcoming studio move! hurrah for more space and light :)

UmberDove said...

Oh! What a gorgeous idea! I think I need to find the people who commissioned your work and invite myself over just to share in the company of all their pottery.

Good Luck with the studio move - a window! Ah, how much do I covet that!!!!!!

deb said...

those plates are wonderful!