12 September 2007

first class

11"x 9"
charcoal, gauche, screen printed ephemera on used cardboard envelope

I want to share you a little secret about myself with you...I have often fantasized about becoming an illustrator but have been so busy being a Ceramic Artist that I usually push those thoughts from my mind. So yesterday when this lovely lady wrote to me and said I was featured on IF, it made that fantasy real for me. Even if it is only for a brief moment. By the way thank you Melanie!

Do you do things you are not supposed to be doing when you have impending deadlines? Kinda like when you were in school and you would clean your apartment when you needed to be studying? We all know about that one. Well you know what I did yesterday...I made a pillow. Yes, with all that I am SUPPOSED to be doing I get a hair up my butt and decide, hey wouldn't it be a good idea to sew myself a little pillow... After all I have this pretty new fabric that I bought in New York when I went to visit my good friend Molly at Purl Patchwork. And that is what I did with my day yesterday friends. Really now, don't look to me for inspiration, unless it is pillows you want to be making. By the way, the pillow turned out very pretty.

Now I am really going to the studio. I swear!

p.s. Does anyone ever have problems with Blogger not letting you readjust your font? I got stuck with this italic version of my post. Did not want to deny you the pleasure of this post just because Blogger won't cooperate with me.


Briana said...

Do you mean like when you *should* be working but you keep checking your Bloglines instead?


I always think of you as an illustrator and a ceramics artist in my brain 9I mean, where else would I be thinking these thoughts...) It is GREAT though to see you doing the non-flora/fauna works - I love them but it's so wonderful to see your range. Congrats on the well deserved IF love.

Also, as an aside, nice to see all the lovely photos of you on Lisa Bird's Flickr stream - I'm so jealous, I wanna come up and play with you too.

gigegy said...

Hi Diana,

I am very excited about your drawings. I can't wait to see these and your new ceramics at the Candy Store.


Tiffany said...

I am so loving your kerchiefed ladies! The envelopes just make them come to life. You are so talented!

bugheart said...

these are just
i'd love to have one
can i buy one
before the show
or you can
reserve one for me?

do you want
white cardboard
mailers too
or just the
plain cardboard types?

Friederike! said...

I know both... the "wouldn´t it be nice to clean the appartement/sew a pillow/or a skirt/bake a cake /plant some flowers,etc..."-thing as well as the blogger-formatting problems. For both unfortunately I have no answer... :) But your drawings are great, both on ceramic and on cardboard. I´m dreaming of having your beautiful cups in my studio...(new problem... having to spend the tiny budget for advertising material, but thinking of spending it for some cups...) .END

Cynthia said...

Congrats on the IF appearance - well deserved!

As to your other dilemma, it's one I engage in frequently...

imwithsully said...

Congratulations on the IF showcase. I am glad I found your site! You have very cool works. And I always do things that I'm not supposed to be doing when deadlines are looming too.

PS. Your blog template relies heavily on SPAN and inline style tags instead of the main css. So, the error looks like you accidentally hooked an italic font style in an inline div style on this post. You can always take it off and republish the post. I hope that helps... :)