16 September 2007

a little order

I have spent the past few days moving into my new studio. Many thanks to my friend Cheryl for helping me with the heavy lifting and the mind bending physics it took to figure out how to get my desk through the doorway. Girls are great when it comes to moving. We don't compete for who can lift the most and when something doesn't work we use our brains (and not our brawn) to figure out a solution. Don't fret boys, nothin' beats you and your wonderful muscles.

I spent all of Saturday organizing all my bottles of glazes and whatnot, figuring out where the best place for the shelving to go, the work tables most advantageous position and coming up with space efficient solution for a casting table. I was going to have one built but after giving it some thought I figured out a better and cheaper solution. Ikea to the rescue! I will show you what I came up with once I set it all up. Whoa, and have a look at all them there molds. I made all those babies myself. I love them all stacked so neatly on my pretty new shelves. I put up my favorite picture of Ganesha who has graced every studio I have ever had (except for the one I was just in...no wall space to hang him). He is the remover of obstacles and hell, I need all the help I can get for removing obstacles in the studio. I put him over the casting area thinking maybe he might do some extra time and be the helper of lifting heavy molds as well. Beneath him is my collection of wooden paddles that I have gathered over the years and of course my test tiles hanging there on the wall like tantalizing pieces of candy.

I have tricked you a bit, only showing you the most organized corner of the studio. I still have a lot more situating to do. It it is going swimmingly though and I already feel happier in my beautiful light filled studio. I'll be back soon with more details of my progress.

For now happy Monday friends!


Anonymous said...

Nice order! I adore pottery studios. I'm glad you have more space.

Your work is stunning. And the women on the envelopes--what's not to love?

Joanna Bolick said...

How I love those test tiles. I wish I could have those for my office! Alas, my pottery skills are horrid! : ) Beautiful!