04 June 2007

a fond farewell

The west coast pottery gals, as Whitney likes to calls us, the Pottery Posse, had a farewell dinner for our friend and fellow potter Christa Assad.

me (left) and whitney (right) enjoying dinner

Our gatherings are always fun and we all have a chance to catch up with one another. There is always plenty of wine to drink along with a homemade meal by whomever is hosting the party, this time by the ever beautiful and talented Sara Paloma.

Sara lit just about every candle in her Ikea tea lite bag though most spectacular was Sara's Disco Ball, it sparkled and gleamed and cast spots of light all over her beautiful home making it seem like we were having dinner in the stars! (see my last post for a picture of the Disco Ball)

We bounced Sara's beautiful daughter on our knees and talked about all things pottery and as usual, boys. It never changes does it!?

Rae bouncing Sara's beautiful babe

talking shop left to right; Sara, Whitney, Rae & Christa

Christa is off to the Kansas City Art Institute to teach ceramics to some very lucky people. Christa is an amazing potter and well on her way to the Pottery Hall of Fame.

We are all so very happy for Christa but also sad as it is never easy to lose one of the Posse. Best of luck Christa, knock 'em dead! We sure will miss you! sniff, sniff.

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Listoria said...

I love the candle-lit photos and the disco dots on the wall!