08 June 2007

pile up

Whoa, where did the week go? I have that feeling of too many things going on at once and my brain is a little dead because of it. I am speechless at the moment. No worries though, the words always come back and if they don't well then I'll just have someone else do the talking...

I wanted to do something special to celebrate my one year of blogging and I thought it would be nice to invite some other ceramic friends to contribute to this here blog. I put the word out and the guest entries are slowly starting to come in. All the folks I invited do not have blogs of their own (yet!) so it will be a first time hearing from them here in the bloggy world.

Speaking of friends, Whitney Smith, potter extraordinaire, is looking for some studio help. If you are an aspiring potter who lives in the Bay Area and want some hands on experience this is the place to get it! Check out the details here.

Check back on Monday...My first guest blogger will be Ayumi Horie! Oh, I am so excited!!


cristina said...

sounds neat! cant wait...

bugheart said...

1 year!