01 June 2007

one year

Today marks the one year anniversary of my blog! When I started off writing this I had a little manifesto of rules that I adhered to...for a little while. A little list of things I would and would not do on my blog. You will be happy to know that I have broken all of them. It has been such an amazing year. Not only have I actually sat down and written over a hundred posts (see me patting myself on the back) but more importantly I have had the immense honor of having all of you come into my life. So thank you all for a great year!

my glowbowls all lit up, at friend sara paloma's, home


La Rimule said...

I'm very happy : I'm the first !!! So HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear blog ! ;)

Miss Dot said...

congratulations on your anniversary! glad to hear that you have broken all your rules. I really enjoyed that last post on pricing. Very well put.

Michael said...

Happy Blogiversary!
(I'm working on that teabowl cozy in my spare time)

Listoria said...

Happy first bloggy birthday! It's so amazing to look back on what was going on in your life, in your work and see just how much (or little) has changed.

(As I raise my imaginary glass to One Black Bird) ~ Here's to another year of interesting life/work/art events and the posts to describe them!



cristina said...

congratulations!!! i'm glad your blog exists...i love reading it:)

Briana said...

Bitchin' pic, my dear.

Happy bloggy-vesary and many more. I am so glad you pealed back this little corner of the internet so that I could meet the stunning woman behind the madness and not just admire your art.


amisha said...

happy anniversary diana!! you are such an inspiration and i am so happy to know you :)

eva said...

Hi and Happy Anniversary!
I found your blog via Shannon`s blog. And I`m glad I did, because your work is absolutely gorgeous! I think I have to go to anonymous ceramic addicts meeting or somewhere, I`m so desperately in love with this media...
I´m gong to read your blog now and if you allow, then I would like to link to your blog in mine :)

Thank You and again, Happy Anniversary!

Camilla Engman said...

hip hip hurrah!

one black bird said...

la rimule-thanks for being the first :)

miss dot-i like to break the rules ;)

michael- can't wait to see that cozy!

tiffany-i can hear our glasses clink!

right back at you amisha! :)

thanks cristina!

bri-you make me blush...but what's new?

thanks eva! please don't be anonymous (even if you are a ceramics addict):D

thanks for the cheers camilla!

bugheart said...

so glad
you are
in the

Abby Creek Art said...

My how time flies by! And thank YOU, Diana for the great posts and your beautiful work.:)

mati rose said...

i'm so glad you blog & that i know you! happy blogoversary my dear!
xoxoxo, mati

one black bird said...

thank you, lovely ladies, gwen, linda & mati for your well wishes!:) :) :)

susan said...

happy year diana!