09 April 2007

poppies & the tax man

Large deep bowl 10.5" x 10.5" x 5" Ivory with red poppy and straw interior $295

I was wondering today why the phone hasn't been ringing and why I haven't heard back from retailers and the such who were wanting to place orders with me and then the ah-hah light went off in my brain...it's tax time! When I worked in restaurants, April was always a painfully slow month, even in the very popular place I worked in. Coming back from my vacation, ready to go, I was not anticipating this lull but I am going to take the time to try and I am only saying "try' to get clip on things and get some pieces made that aren't earmarked for orders (Susan, I am working on your order too). My dream and goal is to have some back stock on my shelves so that I can accommodate those last minute, I need it now, orders. Now wouldn't that be nice!?

In these slow times, when it seems as if I have more time than I need (that is just a feeling not really a reality) my mind starts to go wild with all the I can do this and I can do that thoughts that really are just mind clutter and not very productive. I really have plenty to do or other things I could be getting done like, uhhh... doing my own taxes. Though I am feeling a growth spurt coming on and just may tackle some paintings again. I like doing them even if painting and drawing on a flat hard surface feels very foreign to me. I know it may seem strange, because of all the drawing and painting that I do on my ceramics, but I have a hard time drawing on a flat piece of paper. Don't know why but it often just stops me up. I feel hemmed in by the edges of the paper. Weird, I know.

On another note I do have some news. I am happy to announce that I will be teaching a one day workshop at Heath Ceramics on May 26th. You can find out all the information about the workshop by clicking here. The class size is limited so if you are interested in taking it I recommend registering for it soon. The name of the workshop is Printmakers Clay Tiles.

As for the bowl above it features one of my very favorite motifs...the ever enigmatic poppy. She is for sale though I know everyone is sending off their extra pennies to the tax man but just in case you are getting a fat return you just might want to treat yourself. It is a large bowl 10.5" x 10.5 "x 5" . The outside is ivory with a red poppy and the inside is lovely golden orange color. The cost is $295. Please email me at diana@dianafayt.com if you are interested in having her for your own.

One last thing... My friend and fellow potter Whitney wrote an excellent post on Artists (mainly potters) getting (or in this case not getting) credit for their work that is featured in publications. I urge you to read it and the comments. Thanks Whitney!


Abby Creek Art said...

That's a gorgeous bowl, Diana...love the colors you've been using. Wish I could be out there to take your workshop!

Lesley said...

Oh yes, gorgeous!! Really do love your style.

samin said...

oh gosh! i would totally take that class, but i'll be out of town. hopefully, there'll be another one soon.

amisha said...

stunning poppy bowl... those colors... mmm. love the orange interior. and how i wish i could take a class with you!

susan said...

ah hello tropical diana!
was admiring your flickr land for so long i forgot to look here! glad to hear you are workin' again... your big egg/nest bowl just went to a couple for their 25th wedding anniversary! talk about spreading the L O V E...
isn't that sweet?