06 April 2007

april showers bring...

hand pinched tea bowls approx 3 3/4" x 4 1/4" $48 each

...tea bowls? Well that is not really how the saying goes but in my little world (which I get to create) that is how it goes.

Today is a good day because...

1. My new intern starts working with me and I couldn't be more excited.

2. My shop page is being built and should be going up in the very near future thanks to my wonderful and amazing big sister.

3. I have use of a borrowed computer at home now (I have been frantically typing on bought minutes at Internet cafes for the past month and a half) The cherry on the top of the cake is that I will be getting a new computer of my very own at the end of the month (I am doing a happy dance, can you see?)

4.I am in love. (big smile)

5. I get to cook a sausage pasta dinner tonight (her favorite) for my dear friend, the ever amazing Lisa C.

6. and last but definitely not least I have 10 (8 left) of these tea bowls for sale. These little guys are very special items that I make every now and then and do not ever sell in stores so get em' while they last. They are all hand pinched, painted ivory (on the inside) and a bright white (on the outside), etched with a drawing of a sprig and glazed with the utmost loving care. They are something I have been making since the beginning of my ceramic making time and are kind of a signature item. They are $48 each which does not include shipping . Email me at diana@dianafayt.com if you would like one to be yours. Please note that they are all individual and no two are alike.

Happy Friday Friends. Spread the love!


amisha said...

i can feel the joy radiating through the screen from this post... so wonderful! hurrah for love and tea bowls and a new computer!

Nic said...

those hand-pinched tea bowls are gorgeous. oh. my.