04 April 2007

dog :: wood

dogwood bowl 8.5" x 8.5" x 4"

I am back in San Francisco after a very long journey home which included one missed flight, four airports, three airplanes and one night sleeping in JFK airport in the Bon au Pan cafe, upright in a chair with my head laying on top of a table with my canvas carry on bag as a pillow. ( I hope no one saw me drooling, heh, heh). I woke up with creases on my face from my canvas bag , oh what a lovely sight I must of been... but now I am safe and sound in lovely breezy San Francisco, rejuvenated from my incredible holiday. Thank you for all your comments while I was away. I really wanted to share more with you about the island and other artists I met while I was there, but well you know, I was on vacation and having fun and relaxing was my priority.

So I am home and have this lovely dogwood bowl for sale (sold) which I finished before I left. It is a larger bowl 8.5" x 8.5" x 4" with ice blue and ivory on the outside and a gorgeous, spring inspired chartreuse interior. The cost is $140 which does not include shipping . If you are interested in it please email me at diana@dianafayt.com . I will be posting some tea bowls for sale as well as another surprise item which I can't wait to share with you.

As for inspiration my head is brimming with ideas and you just may be seeing some new boat imagery sometime soon and maybe some tropical flowers. For now though, it is all about the dogwood.


amisha said...

very funny to imagine you sleeping in the airport :)
the new bowl is beautiful... love the dogwoods!!

lisa s said...

welcome home!!!

you and me both about the dogwood!!

Ron said...

Hey Diana, I enjoyed reading about your vacation and seeing the pics, I am so jealous.
The dogwoods are in full bloom here in NC, it's our state flower you know.
Welcome back home, I look forward to seeing more pots.

susan said...

welcome back ... the dogwood is lovely... and boats! definitely boats!
.. i love a surprise. can't wait!
the photos got me through the last snow, thanks for sharing the warmth!