07 March 2007

standing tall

Look at this group of vases! Kind of like a bowling alley of vases (alas the name pin vases). I am sending the green and blue one (in the way back) off to a store in Austin, Texas called Finch along with some bowls and plates. The other four are available for sale! The white & ivory (sold) in front, the teal & ivory to the middle left, the red standing behind and the yellow in the way back. I had intended to have individual photos of the ones for sale but they turned out quite dark. If you are interested in one these for your spring blooms (they are all water tight and hold the perfect amount of flowers) pop me an email at diana@dianafayt.com

pin vases 13.5" x 3.5" $170 each


amisha said...

oh diana... these are gorgeous. perfect for spring! i love the colors.

jenifer74 said...

these are so wonderful; i think your vases among my favorite of your pieces :)

also, on another note, i was curious if you would feel comfortable letting me print & show/share some of your tea bowl photos to some of my students as contemporary examples? (it would be to a class of 6th graders - i'm an art teacher!)

joe the potter said...

I am up tonight surfing about and came upon your blog. Very tasty pots. I am glad you are doing this. Don't give up.