15 March 2007

my heart is singing

Orange with dogwood flowers & red interior 10.5"x10.5"x5"
It is time for me to take a little break to recharge and reconnect with my sweetheart. I leave you with this most recent lovely that I pulled out of my kiln the day before yesterday. Very rarely do I feel like I have made the perfect bowl...this is one of those rare moments of feeling. The red is so deep and gem like, the yellow dogwood flowers have a delicate crackle to them and the orange just makes my heart sing. I hope it will do the same for you.

I will be gone for the next few weeks but plan on popping in with some vacation updates from this lovely place. So keep checking back.


Angela Rockett said...

This bowl is stunning!

Have a wonderful vacation!

Green Kitchen said...

This is stunning. I can see how you think of it as a perfect piece.

Squeaky Wheel said...

This is lovely!

lisa s said...

have a great trip!

the bowl is amazing!

kait said...

Yes, I agree. This is the perfect bowl! Have a great vacation!

amisha said...

diana, this is so, so beautiful. my heart is singing! those colors, your drawing... i love it. i've just set this image as my desktop wallpaper so i can enjoy it every day :) happy travels!!

sulu-design said...

Yes, this one is perfect. The delicate lines of the dogwood flowers are amazing. Bravo.

Abby Creek Art said...

All I can say about that bowl is... WOW!! Have a great vacation, Diana.

Listoria said...

Simply gorgeus! I love the colors, the designs, the shape...it's beautiful!

Enjoy the break,

natasha said...

lovely. i love seeing you use intense colors!

bugheart said...

that bowl
is just
a wonderful time
{so jealous
am i}!

gigegy said...

love the bowl. will you be selling it? i blogged about it :)

simple me said...

The burnt orange and cream coloured flowers are just gorgeous.