25 March 2007

pottery paradise

spring studios at the sugar mill in Bequia

Earlier this week I journeyed out to an area on the island called Spring to visit the Spring Studios Pottery. Spring is a bucolic wonder... Swaying palm tree groves speckled with grazing cattle and a backdrop of sparkling turquoise ocean waters. The road that leads there is lined with bushes of jasmine, oleander, trumpet vines, flowering frangipane, breadfruit and mango trees. Humming birds and bright yellow banana twits zoom about to a background concert of bahhhing from the infamous Bequian sheep (that look like goats) that I affectionately refer to as sheep-goats . Getting there is dreamy, even in the heat of the day.

I love to visit potteries whenever I travel. To me potteries are like churches...most places have one and well, in a way, clay is my religion so i feel very comforted and at home in them. Spring Studios are about as idyllic as they come. The pottery itself is in an old sugar mill that has been transformed into small individual working studios.Walk inside of what looks like a roofless stone ruin and you find small spaces where potters, painters and artists work.
Each studio, some larger than others, has its own unique feeling. Some are lined with large leafed plants, some more spare, enclosed by walls of large stones and all of them are open partially to the sky.

large pot on the wheel

The pottery attracts artists from all over the world. A french potter was working there earlier this year as well as Maria from England who is one of the resident potters currently working at the studio.

Maria throwing pots at Spring Studio

There is a large room with a gas kiln, a room where the clay mixing and recycling take place.

Lorencia (left) from Bequia showing off some of her creations as they are loaded onto the stacked kiln shelves.

Kerry (right) from St. Vincent was very proud of his work having just recycled all those bags of clay he is looking at.

...and a shop where the Artists can sell their finished wares.

Just to make you drool even more there is even a little pool in courtyard of the building. It really doesn't get any better than that...unless taking off to the beach (a five minute walk) and cooling off in the warm waters of the Caribbean ocean is your preference, which is exactly what I did.

I'll be back soon with more island tales and sneak peaks at some more local talent.

Now off I go for a sail.


shannon said...

I think the government should provide all potters with a pool. The advantages to ceramics and art in general would be enormous!

mati rose said...

you ARE in paradise! wow. thank you for sharing this dreaminess. makes me yearn for a residency!

amisha said...

what a beautiful place. i can see how an artist would be inspired by that landscape and environment! and a relaxing dip in the caribbean... ahhh.

susan said...

yes, a dreamy residency!enjoy each moment and thank you for sharing your photos!

Listoria said...

Oh wow! Thank you for these pictures and the wistful description of the island! Oh how I wish I was there now. Enjoy that warm breeze for me!



briana said...

Geez, girl. Your post just took me on an amazing mental vacation... thank you. I needed that.

(Pssst... the orange dogwood bowl completely bowled me over).

La Rimule said...

Waouh ! great place and great pottery ! I wish i could work in a place like this.... Bye !

simple me said...

I wouldn't ask for anything else. This is my idea of paradise.
I like the way you say potteries are like churches and clay your religion. I had never thought of that but it rings so true.
Thank you for this journey :)