06 February 2007

a slice of life (and my finger)

the black bird & the lupine
platter 12.5"x 10"

It is 8:36 p.m here in San Francisco as I write this. I have been going for the past twelve hours, non stop. Yesterday was like this too, in fact most of my days are like this. As I often say to my friends if I don't do it, it doesn't get done. That is the way it is...not a complaint at all, just the facts. So I thought it might be fun to give you a list of the things I did today.
  1. wake up 7:45 a.m.
  2. make tea, turn on computer, fix bed
  3. check email
  4. design a calendar page, check designs I did last night, modify and readjust.
  5. pack up up boxes that are laying on my couch to be shipped.
  6. make some oatmeal
  7. take a shower
  8. eat oatmeal
  9. write emails
  10. make a list of things to do
  11. put boxes to be shipped in car
  12. get dressed
  13. make lunch
  14. go to post office , mail packages.
  15. drive to studio
  16. check the pieces I left to set up on molds
  17. remove pieces from molds
  18. load kiln
  19. mix slip & pour into molds
  20. clean up the rims of pieces to get them ready to paint
  21. draw design for job I am working on
  22. eat lunch (standing up)
  23. continue working on cleaning & trimming pieces
  24. check molds
  25. pour off the slip and let molds drain
  26. make a phone call to set up a photo shoot
  27. draw designs on cups
  28. get a phone call talk to Whitney
  29. start kiln
  30. remove pieces from molds
  31. cover work in plastic so it won't dry out
  32. clean up
  33. drive home
  34. make dinner
  35. check email
  36. work on calendar
  37. write blog while eating dinner
I did all of this while being a little handicapped. I sliced off part of the tip of my thumb (on my drawing hand) on Saturday while slicing potatoes with my brand new, fancy, Japanese vegetable slicer. The blade is so sharp that I did not feel a thing...until the next day when I realised a big chunk of my thumb and nail were missing. Ouch & Ick! I am on the mend and am keeping the wounded thumb protected with bandages and a finger condom. Can I stop now? I still need to work but just when does a day end? Would someone please tell me because I can't seem to figure it out.


susan said...

i hear you loud and clear diana. i would be afraid to write out what some days are like. but would we have it any other way? :-)
i think that it is one of the reasons that "down time" vacations are so restful! but naps are good too...

Little Flower Designs said...

Hi Diana, Thank you for writing "when does the day end" It made me laugh!! Not at you but because I feel the same way!! I find your blog inspiring and your work is so beautiful.
Linda - a fellow clay junkie

amisha said...

ouch! hope your thumb is better soon. and i love the black bird platter.

leigh said...

I, too, am still working on my 2008 calendar. The black bird is wonderful. I am so in love with the whale pieces you are doing. Don't know if it helps, but the results of your hard work brings many smiles and tons of inpsiration.

Anonymous said...

It ends when you give your self permission for it to end.Just like you give your self permission to do the works or it won't get done.Love your Tea Cups below ! :)

lisa s said...

sounds like my day w/ a few slight edits [eating in the car] - no kiln :)

so sorry about your finger... i'm getting queasy thinking about it!

simple me said...

I suppose this is what a modern ceramist's life is on a daily basis...except for the cut finger, that is :)

ps: I hope you you are completely recovered.