10 February 2007


this photo was taken of me in December 2005 by my friend Eszter

...is not how I am feeling at the moment. It all started with the thumb slicing. Fast forward to Friday...I am walking towards my desk, tea cup in hand, grasped by my fingers and bandaged thumb and then I don't remember what happened next. All that I can recall is the vision of my tea cup falling from my hand (slipped out of my grip because of the bandage) and no, not on my computer...yes on my computer...tea all over my computer. Folks funeral services for my trusty, ever faithful laptop will be held tomorrow at dawn. Please, no flowers, just well wishes and prayers that a new laptop will soon be mine. Not a good week for this black bird. I've had bad electronic luck for the past month. My digital camera died about three weeks ago and if it counts my blow drier died while I was trying to dry out said computer. This lovely bird saved me by lending me her extra camera, which I am extremely grateful for and my ever fabulous neighbor saved my butt by letting me use his laptop to finish my calendar which is due on Monday...holy crap!

On a brighter note, the work for my show is coming along swimmingly! I am doing my final firing this weekend and then I ship off all the goods on Monday. I will try to keep posting when I can but due to the sudden, unexpected death of my computer, it may be bit spotty.


jeff martin pots said...

hello diana, my name is jeff martin. i am a potter from boone,nc. i really enjoy your work. please take a look at mine at myspace.com/sugarpotter. i would like to trade if you are interested... sorry about your finger.-take care, jeff

Shari said...

hi diana,
sorry to hear about your laptop, your camera and your finger! glad to hear that your show preparations are coming along nicely though. i really love this photo. cheers! shari

housemartin.typepad said...

sorry you had such a bad week. this photo however is lovely. i love the pieces on the wall - are they plates or drawn on paper? good luck finishing up for the show - very exciting!

lisa s said...

oh boy... i'll bring a computer chip instead of flowers... sigh....

at least the studio is going well!

one black bird said...

thanks friends! the computer seems to have a last breath of life in it though i am not counting on it lasting too much longer:(

housemartin, the pieces on the wall are drawings i did in 2005. they are charcoal and gesso on cardboard.

amisha said...

so sorry about your week! i spilled a cup of coffee on my laptop once... a tragic moment (i also only remember that last second before it made contact!). so glad the show pieces are going well though... and such a lovely picture of you with your work!

Abby Creek Art said...

Geez Diana...Mercury must be in retrograde! Hope this week will be much better for you.

Love your photo by the way...with your beautiful black hair and white scarf around your neck...you look like one of your ceramic pieces!

cristina said...

the photo is beautiful.
sorry about your dear dear laptop (and camera too:<)

Friederike! said...

BUT the picture ist a real great shot! :)

kara said...

i was going to ask about the wall art as well. just lovely! i hope you add something similar to your shop :)

bugheart said...

there should be
a freee laptops
for artists fund.
maybe we need
to ask bill gates
to start one.
hope you get
a new one soon.

simple me said...

Oh No! So sorry for your bad luck...though keep positive because your show and your work is just wonderful.
Love that photo of yours and those drawings on the wall. Did you draw them?
Take care xxx

Chirp said...

I really love your art. I thought those were square platters on the wall.Your beautiful designs would look wonderful on square platters!