13 October 2008

come and get it

Dear Friends,
Even though history often repeats itself, some things only happen once in a lifetime. So please listen very closely because I fear if you do not, you may be gravely disappointed to have missed this opportunity and it would break my little heart in two if I were to blame for you
not knowing about what it is.

The event I am going to tell you about will only happen once.
Yes you heard me right, only once!

In a single word my friends,

the sale begins,
Sunday October 19th
8 p.m. (eastern standard time)
Preview the work here.

this platter is still available for purchase here.

For those of you not in the know,
think pottery, think art, think politics, think statement, think humor, think satire, think a good cause, think Barack Obama, think serious, but in all seriousness I think you you should not miss this.

Now I can go on and try and describe what others have already done in far more eloquent manner than I could ever manage to do myself so I'd rather give credit where credit is due and introduce you to the amazing people behind this effort.

First off,
Ayumi Horie, whom you've heard me talk about on more than one occasion is the master mind behind this phenomenal event.
Ayumi asked twenty-seven contemporary potters and ceramists to donate Obama and election themed work in order to raise money to help support Barack Obama and his campaign effort.
Of course everyone said yes and then
scurried back to their studios and got to work and the result...Well you are just going to have to go and visit the online sale yourself to see what everyone came up with.
The range of work is diverse;
From hand made mugs and cups ,decorative pieces to sculpture.
It is an excellent display of the versatility of ceramics both as functional object and as Art.

Also you might want to put on your reading glasses before you head on over to the site because there is an essay by Sarah Archer that is not to be missed. Be for-warned, it is lengthy and dense but I promise you every word of it is a golden nugget of information that you will wonder how on earth you managed to survive without for so long.

Oh and did I mention...
I happen to be one of the twenty-seven Artists that are participating in the event.
I really only have one thing to say about being included.


So go on folks, check it out!
Tell you friends, buy something
and be proud that you are not only participating in making history but that
you will actually have the opportunity to
hold a little piece of it in your hands.


Camilla said...

This is AMAZING- thanks so much for linking to the project, and thanks for taking part too. I live in the UK and so the US election isn't really my business, but the results of it will have so much of an impact on us over here that I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed and hoping that all the hard work people like you are doing will pay off.

WildMagnolia said...

Love it all!!!!

I want something. I want lots of somethings.

Thanks for supporting the next prez in such amazing manner.


Rosie&James said...

FYI- the site is so overloaded by the intense response that the sale has been moved to eBay auctions (which can handle the large amounts of traffic). Ayumi's site has been shut down from so many visitors.

Also, Ayumi Horie's e-mails said she would try to have everything up by Friday and ending on the 22nd.

To read the essay, this is the link to a blog page where the essay was moved to facilitate reading and comments while the other site is down. http://obamascribe.blogspot.com/

Happy bidding everyone! Let's raise some money for Obama and support these fabulous artists all at once!

sMacThoughts said...

So many beautiful things. Thanks for the heads up!

diana fayt said...

Thank you for your enthusiastic comments everyone! We are super excited about the auction...even with all the snafus!

Thanks R & J for the update...things keep changing so it's best to check ayumi's website for the most current updates as I might not be able to update in complete step with Ayumi...but I will do my best!

cynthia said...

I was able to preview the items before the server crashed - all I can say is fantastic!

belinda said...

This looks amazing Diana, I hope the auction is a huge success for all involved.
Even though this is not my election as I live in Australia, like Camilla said - the outcome affects us all. If I was voting it would be Obama all the way - America desperately needs a strong, principled, forward-thinking leader right now. Go and vote people!

amisha said...

this is so awesome diana!
i am so so excited for the election... i can feel that energy of change in the air. yesterday i was in bucks county, PA talking to undecided voters and hopefully swaying them to obama :) 2 more weeks!!

S T E P P I E said...


myriam said...

I am very happy that B Obama is elected, and j' discovered your work very interesting that j' also for f├ęter this president I liked much put to you in bond on my blog, j' hope that will be appropriate to you.

Anna said...

Congratulations on helping to make history! I'm from Aus and rather pleased with your election result :)

La Rimule said...

Fantastic !!!!!