19 September 2008

golden, blue & red

three large platters (from top to bottom)
the black bird & golden lily bell
the running rabbit & blue verbena
the quail & red clover

It's been a busy, exciting and fabulous week!
Another big thanks to Esty for including me as one of your featured artists.
And also a HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to write to me and left such kind and generous comments. I've had a constant smile on my face all week long because of you.

A wonderful weekend to you!


m. heart said...

hello! i found my way here this week via etsy and just wanted to say how much i love your work. such a beautiful, perfect combination of illustration and craft!
i would love to include a little post about your pieces on my blog with an image and a link to your blog and etsy shop. check out my blog (especially the posts labeled "inspiration") and let me know if that would be ok! i know my readers will love your work.

belinda said...

yay for you diana! you deserve all the recognition and then some. so, so pleased for you.
and these new platters - one word... stunning.
sleep when you're dead right?!
all my best :)

julie king said...

these are my favorite pieces. just stunning!

kristen said...

i've come here by link of m. heart and love your work. the platters are amazing and i look forward to going to the show in white plains.

your blog is lovely too.

vlijtig said...

These plates are wonderful!

spread your wings said...

i came here via etsy. I really like your work and i LOVE these plates. I look forward to reading more from your blog.

Terrill said...

I LLOVE the hare...