24 June 2007

what inspires you

three small shallow bowls 8"x8"x3"

After a fabulous weekend away I am home with some new inspiration and load of work to finish before the weeks end. I had some enlightening conversations with this lovely bird about life and the creative spirit and what we can do to encourage it in everyone. Here is something that inspires me. What inspires you?

Thank you Ayumi and Renee for your guest posts! It is such a joy to have friends to share with in this creative journey.


Briana said...

You inspire me, my dear... honestly. Everytime I look at your work, there is the part of me that enjoys the eye candy and the part of me that feels fueled to create something in response.

I saw a jellyfish exhibit at the Long Beach Aquarium a couple of years ago. It blew my mind. It still haunts me.

Does this mean we might be seeing some marine life immortalized by your hands in the near future? I know, I know... you'll never tell until you do!


eva said...

I get inspired by simple things. A line, a dot or a circle. I look at your bowl (red one) and this line drawn at the upper edge inspires me. Color combinations inspire me - these in nature. Take one flower or a leaf and there you have it!

Robyn said...

What inspires me? Tribal art, marks and patterns. Time worn wood, smooth river pebbles and mountain glades. Books, books and more books. Arty blogs like yours. African Mythology, archeology, ancient artefacts. Cecil Skotnes, Norman Catherine and Paul Klee. Oh boy, I could write a book!