03 May 2007

the plaster & I

Mold making and I don't always get along though I persist in making us life long partners. If you asked the plaster's opinion (if it had one) it would say I was out of my mind and that I am delusional about my abilities and mathematical skills. I say, I like math and think I am quite capable. I think that I can figure out the weights and measures that making the proper plaster mold requires but alas the delusions endure and I am often faced with head scratching concentration and confusion only to give it up and rely on the "other" less sophisticated method of making plaster molds which requires no math at all, just the ability to move fast and eyeball it. I know I can do it the correct way but am often feeling pressed for time or just plain anxious to get the job done that I don't take the time to figure it out. When I want a perfect mold, lets say for slip casting, I hire someone else to do the the job. Though deep down I really want to do it myself. The plaster, says "give it up already, would ya!"

Once again I am about to embark on a mold making adventure and I am determined to get it right. I've decided to stay small (some two part vase molds) that won't require large quantities of wet plaster as I am also known to have a deluge of wet plaster flood out of my coddles. I am really not sure why I persist in this endeavor. It seems silly after so many failures at something to not just give in and say, look I am just not good at it...but I want to succeed at this. I actually love the whole process of making the model and preparing it for a mold (which is a lengthy process that requires precision). It's the plaster part that messes me up. Everything else I have figured out just not the plaster. So wish me luck. I'll be back to let you know the results. By the way, I did make all the molds in this here photo, though these are not the kind of molds that require much skill, just the fast moving eyeball it method. "Yeah, so what" says the plaster, "lets see you make a real mold!" I'll show you...you pesky plaster, as long as it is up to me we will get along. So there!


amisha said...

good for you for continuing to try! i don't think it's silly at all... it seems like persistence and the unwillingness to give up on this part of the process, which is amazing! xo

lisa s said...

good luck! having fought w/ mold making myself i can relate...

but i also have that streak of I MUST OVERCOME!

one black bird said...

amisha & lisa,
thanks for the vote of confidence! i am going to need it :P

Briana said...

Oh to have my hands in clay and plaster... if I didn't love my job so much I cry jealousy.

I guess the whole "art is the process not the product" philosophy isn't going to be of much help here, eh?


Jen Mecca said...

I enjoyed reading you blog. Good luck with the plaster, I find it scarey myself and I too am afriad of mold making/the plaster thing so I much rather throw what I make. Good luck. Jen

Little Flower Designs said...

ooo! I'm right with you on this - I'm trying tea pot molds for slip casting and It's scarey, I think I'm going to hire a pro, then I need to learn slip casting! It's easy right! I hope : )
Good Luck!

one black bird said...

b- it's all about the product baby!

jen & little flower
oooo, it looks like i am not alone with my plaster issues ;) we could start a mold making support group!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

Don't forget the years and years of learning and experiance that go into the work too! Not just the hours for the one piece, but all the time that came before that single piece in perfecting your craft.