01 May 2007

may day may day

Well today is the workers holiday and I took full advantage of it. I tried to work but was terribly unmotivated...so I took the day off. I drove past a large group of folks headed towards the park to honor the day, people had flags in hand and so many stores were closed in recognition of the holiday...wouldn't you know it the one day I decide to splurge and buy my lunch...well it wasn't meant to be because today we honor the worker. Oh and the Maypole, this photo is inspired from the colorful Maypoles that many people are dancing around today. Hope you are all honoring workers today (yourselves!) and maybe even doing a little dancing around a Maypole.

By the way these cups are for sale! (They have all sold...but if you would like one I can make them to order). They are $32 each. Please email me at diana@dianafayt.com if you would like to order one (or all) for your own.

10oz cups; chartreuse/sold, canary/sold, ice blue/sold, red /sold $32 each

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Caroline said...

These are lovely! Your work is wonderful. :)