22 February 2007

you are invited

Xen gallery invitation front; Diana Fayt ceramic platter & Clare Goddard collage

It is time to put worries aside...put on something nice to wear and show the world my smiling face (because I am smiling). Please join me for the opening of my show at Xen Gallery tomorrow evening. It will be a virtual opening (for me included as I won't actually be there). I will imagine us finally meeting and exchanging handshakes and hugs, oh yes, so many hugs, with all of you.

You can see the show here
if you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces you can do so here.

Also showing along side of me is my dear friend Clare Goddard who makes the most lovely collages from all kinds of found ephemera and used tea bags. Her work is simply stunning. Clare lives in Helsinki, Finland and runs a small gallery called Compost.

I look so forward to seeing you all there!


bugheart said...

wish i could go
to see all
your amazing work
in person!

susan said...

best of luck and congratulations too!
it looks stunning and thank you for introducing Clare's work here... lovely!

amisha said...

what a beautiful invite. so happy to join you for the 'virtual opening'... wish i could see the work in person too!
hoping that your mind is eased a bit, and thinking of you as you make decisions about your work.

kara said...

oh dear, this bird platter is now my all time favorite! good luck with your show :^)

sulu-design said...

Congratulations on the show and on your mention on Design Sponge today!

lisa s said...

oh yay! wish i could go....

hug hug kiss kiss

shannon said...

Good Luck. It's always so great to see your work looking it's best on plinths and under professional lighting. The show looks amazing.

Mad said...

This looks so beautiful...just read your earlier post, too. Hang in there. Something good (and BIG!) is coming your way, I feel it...

simple me said...

I hope the exhibition is going well... best of luck!

cally said...

I've often admired your work over at Art Esprit but I'd never seen your blog till now. Loving the work for the new show!

But poor you, all those electrical trauma's you went through. You did amazingly well to keep it all together and still meet deadlines. Very impressive.

I loved the square pieces on the wall behind you in that 2005 shot, never seen those before, they look so thin - love that.