16 February 2007

the whole sh'bang

work for xen gallery show 2007

I feel as if I am stealing moments on computers in all kinds of interesting environments...this morning's adventures included an Internet stop in at a local print shop "one stop printing" that is around the corner from my apartment. Wilson the owner even took the time to buy me a cup of tea and later showed me his behind the scenes swanky bar he had set up in the back "office". He said "any time I'd like to stop in for a drink I should not hesitate." So the loss of the computer has made me some new friends and now I have a new "underground" watering hole.

So here is the table full of work before I shipped off for my show. It is very pleasing for me to see it all together like this. I wanted to share it with you too.

You have all been so wonderful with your comments and have really made me feel so much better and richer for my loss. There a many computers out there in the world to be had and I know one will come my way soon. I have to admit I am kinda having fun frequenting all different Internet cafes and meeting all kinds of new and interesting folks. As Wilson said to me this morning " Well, Diana I am sure glad you destroyed your computer otherwise you would of never come in here and I wouldn't have ever met you." Cheers friends! It's time for a drink!


Abby said...

All the pieces look so great. You should be very proud.

lisa said...

ha diana that is a great story!!

dizzyjadey said...

Hi! Just popping out to say your art is beautiful and they all look great grouped together. Okay, back to lurking again.

Little Flower Designs said...

Oh Diana, I wish I could see your show, the work is beautiful.
Congrats! Linda

amisha said...

oh, the work is amazing all together like this! it is all so beautiful. congratulations on this new collection!
i loved the story of wilson and the underground bar. you are having such a good spirit about this loss, and it's so nice that these new experiences and friends are coming your way!

Ron said...

Diana, the pots are awesome, I especially like the oval. I too am a potter who is strongly attached to his computer. I am glad you have contiuned to maintain your blog, I check in most everyday before heading out to the studio. Best. Ron in NC.

bugheart said...

for something
(meeting new friends)
coming out of
(losing your computer)...
your new work
is just