01 February 2007

three swallows & a rose

When did it become February? I thought February didn't start until tomorrow. A calendar maker like me should know what day it is, if not that, at least what month it is. January seemed to slip away. I've been holed up in the studio, not lifting my head for much else other than to eat, sneak in a run here and there and obviously not to look at a calendar!

I made a deal with myself not to begin any new pieces until ALL the ones I started are completed. Sometimes I don't finish a few last pieces, leaving them to dry out on my shelves which is a waste and a source self imposed frustration. I am almost there. If all goes as planned, I will be finished with everything tomorrow. Then I can start on my next project and the few small orders that are next in line.

I know I promised that my shop would have new stuff in it in January. Yeah, yeah, promises, promises! That was the optimistic, back in December, thinking she'd be able to get it all done, me. Too bad I did not confer with the other me...the more realistic, pragmatic, not so optimistic me. I am not going be able to get to it in the next couple of weeks before I leave on my vacation (yes, I will be taking a few weeks off to rest & relax) so I will try to post some things for sale on this here blog. I seem to have a lot of cups these days and some other things too (hint; tea bowls). I have to get photographs of everything and get it all in order first. So please hang in there.

large footed bowl 23"x 19"x 6"

As for the bowl above I gotta tell you I am pretty darn proud of this baby! It is large! Almost two feet long. Moving a slab of clay around that big is no easy task. Not to mention it came out almost perfect (if I do say so myself ) without any warping and no cracks.

I should also mention that all of the pieces that I have been posting for my upcoming show will be for sale starting February 23rd at the Xen Gallery.


ULLA said...

Oh, this is truly breathtaking!!! I hope your show goes really well!

Angela Rockett said...

This bowl gorgeous! You are rightly proud of it.

I can't wait to see what you add to your shop. Maybe I'll be able to find a friend for the bowl I already have. :)

Vanda said...

Oh gods! I NEED that bowl. Nevermind how I will ever be able to get it shipped, but damn, that's really perfect.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

lisa s said...

so very very lovely!!