02 January 2007

new news :: new year

I am not going to give you my list of resolutions. Why? Because I don't have one. I am not a resolution kinda gal. Yeah, I could be a bit (lot) more organized with the paper work and so I always wanted to be a world class gymnast but that is NOT going to happen. So why have a list! I do have news though... So much more fun than resolutions, don't you think?

As you see here in the photo I am already working on the 2008 calendar. Oddly enough it has to be finished by the end of January so it can be shown at the Tokyo gift show in Japan in early February. It has been a little strange thinking about 2008 in 2006 when 2007 hadn't even started yet. The other news is that I am having a show in February at Xen Gallery in St. Louis, Missouri . I am very excited about it and have already begun preparing work for it. I have to get fifteen pieces completed in the next month. (Please kiln gods, be good to me.) I am working with new some new images and am keeping the color scheme black and white ( with maybe a little red). I'll be posting the new work as it progress.

I also have a piece up for bid in the kim family benefit art+ craft auction. The auction opens on January 3rd so mark your calendars. I hope you saved some of your Christmas cash to buy yourself something nice. The proceeds are going to a such good cause. Plus I gotta say I am so honored to be in such good company of so many talented folks who have all donated their work for the auction. Lisa and Stephanie have put together a gorgeous site all on their own (and very little extra) time. A BIG thank you to the both of you for making this happen!

So, I am off and running from the gate...look out 2007, here I come!


simple me said...

Happy New Year Diana.
Full of projects and creative moments.

Briana said...

Fabulous tidbit - now I won't have to spend the next 11 months annoyed that I missed out on the 2007 calendar (sheer laziness, trust me).

Can't wait to see what you and the kiln gods offer up - seriously, your website is like ceramics porn for me. I need to be moderated.

Happy New Year!