24 January 2007

360 of 160

Today was productive. My studio is starting to feel a little like the Arc. There are birds, whales and bears, some in pairs, some all alone and some mixed together. Here is the first of the polar bear pieces. It was quite difficult to get a shot of the polar bear where she did not look distorted and stumpy.

and here another view. Sometimes I think filming my pieces spinning might be a good idea. It is a difficult to capture the three dimensional quality of the bowls with the drawings moving around them. Here is my attempt at a 360 view.

Bowl dimensions; 10"x 10"x 5"


Claire said...

Your work astounds and delights me.

Abby Creek Art said...

Wow...love these bowls, Diana. Definitely productive and also stunning!

amisha said...

this is stunning... i love your new work!

tove said...

DIana, i love my calendar I bought from you. and many people have told me they love it. Now I wonder ehen your shop is opening, it IS soon now (haha)

jenifer74 said...

these are beauties! i tried to comment on some on your flickr page but the comments weren't showing up; so, i love the super colorful bowls too!

cristina said...

this are so inspiring. beautiful.