08 December 2006

holiday sale!

My last kiln load is firing. I still have to turn my apartment into a gallery. I am running behind schedule and am realizing I have about twenty four hours to get it together. The fun is just beginning!
Come on by this Saturday if your in the area and see what I've been up to, say hello and have a little hot cider.

At last, a picture of some new work.


Sheri Buhroe said...

Gorgeous plate, I love your work ! Best wishes with your upcoming apartment show, sounds like a blast, too bad I'm so far away !

susan said...

i love the pinecone diana, it's wonderfully seasonal.

JosieJurczenia said...

Beautiful work Diana - wow.

Kailla said...

I really love your work. I am in Oregon and can't get to your sale - but I hope that you will have stuff to sell on yur site in Jan. I will keep an eye out. Have a great sale and wonderful holiday season.


lisa s said...

i wish i could... next time.... i'd love to see your studio??

Angela said...

I so wish I could come to your sale tomorrow! Best wishes for much success - and fun!

Beautiful work!

shash said...

i have an all day job training tomorrow, otherwise i'd be there (even with this damn cold)! really wish i could see your apt and beautiful ceramics.

ashb said...

oh good luck with your show today! The new plate looks gorgeous! :):)


simple me said...

I love these!
They are like story telling to me. They remind me of book illustrations. Beautiful!
I wish I could come but they haven't invented the teletransporter yet :)
I hope it goes well.