04 October 2006

you wanna' dance?

You know what excites me...Other than the rear ends of trucks? People who are self defined and have a passion for what they do and find a way to do what they love even if it is after a long day's work. Tonight I had the honor to sit in the living room (a very lovely living room at that!) of someone who embodies all of these qualities. The lovely Lisa. I am not the first to sing the praises of Lisa, there are many out there who admire her and rightly so. She does it all, she does it well, she does it with grace and passion. So good to have made a friend who is so inspiring and who still likes to go dancing...Even at our age!


lisa said...

aw shucks. i feel the same way.

Anonymous said...

it looks like you are getting all settled in on the west coast! I adore your art work. You are quite an inspiration to me, as I have a small studio in my house and am trying to follow my dream!