24 October 2006

sneak peak

This is all I can show you for now. I have to get all my duckies in a row before I can let the ca_______ out of the bag. he he, I love the suspense! Oh and by the way, it was pointed out to me today, by this lady, that boxes from Japan have their very own lovely and unique scent. So, when I wasn't working on preparing for the unveiling of this surprise I could be found with my nose stuck in the boxes, sniffing away.


yumiko said...

have you found out what smell it was ?
we got the box from my neighbor store.

yumiko said...

have you found put what smell it is ?
we got the boxes from our neighbor store.

Listoria said...

what a tease!


ashb said...

Ooooh! the suspense, whatever it is, looks cool ;)