16 September 2006


I have a dirty little confession to make; I have a thing for rear ends… of trucks. I have become obsessed with taking photos of the back end of trucks. I often find what is loaded on them quite interesting, often beautiful and in this case, poignant.

I am almost home folks. Three more states to go. This photo says it all. Can't wait to get back at it!


meabh said...

please tell me someone else was driving...?!

Jessica said...

I think this is a very revealing comment! J

susan said...

very funny diana! i hope the remainder of your trip is filled with fair skies, light traffic and a load of trucks ahead.

natasha said...

me too! we miss ya!

i have a quick question that you may have the answer to and may want to to tell me (privately? not at all?) i want to do some image transfers onto ceramics, from the thriftstore, for example...is there anyway to do this that it would be able to be used? or is there a way to do freehand designs that would be permanent too?