10 July 2006

identity loss

Recently I lost my name stamp for my ceramics. I am really sad about it. The stamp was made from old letterpress type that I found and taped together. It has been my signature mark on my work for nine years now . I think I might of accidentaly thrown it away when cleaning up the studio. A new one can be made but it won't be the same. I feel like I lost my identity. The moral of the story is, never clean your studio.


Kathleen said...

That is really sad. I know, nothing can replace your original stamp--but you might be able to recreate it with a plate. If you visit Boxcar Press (http://www.boxcarpress.com/) they make photopolymer plates for letterpress. If you scan in your mark they can probably make a little plate of the same letters as your old letterpress type. Good luck!

Oh, and I found your blog through A Bird in the Hand--I love your ceramics! Really beautiful work.

Julie said...

Ok, I will actually take note of this moral!!!

simple me said...

Sometimes it's necessary to clean the studio and renew ourselves. The important thing is not to loose the bits which compose our true selfs...not to loose track of what we really are.
Have a great and sunny day.

Mad said...

I have been cleaning the studio in bits and pieces over the past 6 months. A daunting task. It is a risk, but I can't believe how freeing it is to have it clean! Hope you relocate you stamp or can have good replacement made- I do love the moral, however. Lived by it for many years....

Diary of a Potter said...

Hi Diana
I just got an email from a friend about your blog and I really loved it.I am so glad that there are othere potters who write about their experinces and share it with others.
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I will be glad if you take a look at it.

risa said...

i am sorry! that's terrible. but thank you for another excuse for not cleaning up my crafting area! :)