24 March 2009

blue bowls

I am buried people.
Between, preparing for shows, taxes, getting work done to take to NCECA and a few other top secret adventures that I can't talk about just yet, I just haven't had the time to write.

I wanted to pop in to say hello and at least give you a little eye candy.

These bad boys will be available for purchase Greenwich House "Made in Clay' sale/auction that opens on April 3rd.

Happy Spring!


Candied Fabrics said...

This combination of colors is just splendid! Love them ALL

Melissa Crowe said...

They are BEAUTIFUL. Your work has an enormous calming effect on me.

BeachILike said...

Color is so nice, I myself work in ceramics but we never come up thing beautiful as yours. Color is so adorable!

our little love nest said...

I love your work. You inspired me to do some art on wooden bowls a bit ago posted on my blog. http://deesullivan.blogspot.com/2009/02/some-older-work-with-graphite.html
Nowhere near your talent but I still love your inspiration.

Xylan said...

It is exciting that you will have pieces in the NCECA conference! I go to ASU and will be helping with the conference, so perhaps I will see your [lovely] works there!

Little Willow said...

Such gorgeous shades of blue. Good luck with everything!

Belinda said...

Oh hi Diana!
It's always a delight when you post some of your beautiful work, no matter how long between posts.
Glad you're so busy, hope you still have a tiny bit of time for fun too :)
My best x

andrealynn said...

Just love the line work you are putting into to these bowls, quite beautiful

Milady Productions said...

i find myself craving your pottery - it is so lovely!