20 August 2008

going for *gold*

Hello Friends,

I am reporting live here, from the Bayview Olympics where I am competing in the first ever Olympic "pot drawing" category. It's been tough and the competition is stiff but I am holding up and doing my darnedest to break some world records.
So far so good!

I am hoping to make you all proud and come home with the gold.

Wish me luck!

Yours truly,


bri said...


(it's still funny).

potrron said...

Just came across your blog and website (loved the story). Enjoyed looking at your work and drawings. Thanks

chaetoons said...

Totally wish you luck. Will cross my fingers, too !!!

lisa s said...

are you kidding. you'll bring home a record 8 golds!

[p/s still dreaming about the scheme you mentioned in RD awhile back.... when things slow down a tad for you let's chat,K?]

Patricia Griffin said...

Looks like a winner to me. Love this rabbit plate. Your work is all gold!

Belinda said...

Oh gold from me Diana - absolutely stunning!
love the rabbit.

cynthia said...

I'd say you definitely deserve the gold! Nice work.

lookwhaticando said...

you crack me up so much. :)