16 May 2008

in the news & other adventures

My new Zsuzsi vase (named after my mom) with flowers from my garden

It has been a week and half since I last posted. Some of the time I spent relaxing and the rest of it working and doing my best to catch up on stuff. One of which was answering questions from the lovely Stephanie Levy for her new Friday series feature on her blog, A Studio With A View. I am honored to be the second Artist featured in this fabulous new series which looks like it's going to be a hit.

You can see it here.

Thank you Stephanie!

Also if you aren't already familiar with Stephanie's fabulous illustration and collage work you should check it out. It's fantastic.

Canteen Vase in Australian Home Beautiful
June 2008

Plus this week store owner Olivier Dupon of Lola et Moi in Sydney, Australia who carries my work so kindly sent me an image of this lovely feature with one of my canteen vases from current issue of Australian Home Beautiful magazine.

Thank you Olivier.

Wilfredo has many talents, one of which is riding atop my cart.
He makes unloading hundreds of pounds of clay much more fun.

And last but defiantly not least, one of the many things I did this past week, was take care of my favorite dog, Wilfredo. He comes to stay with me whenever his famous mom has to leave town. He is the cutest, most loving, sweet, funny and just downright adorable creature. Everyone who meets Wilfredo instantly falls in love with him. And he is most definitely a babe magnet...I get lots of attention from the boys when I am out with him plus we have all sorts of fun adventures when he comes to stay with me. Wilfredo also writes letters and sends photos to his mom while she is away (it makes her feel better about missing her boy). For some fun weekend reading you can see them here.

See you all next week with some new announcements.

Sunny Weekend Wishes to You All.


Anonymous said...

sloppy wilfredo kisses all up your nose!! i love the magazine photo!! how stunning.

stephanie levy said...

Thanks for the interview mention - it was a pleasure to feature your work and read your inspiring answers! I also like the Australian magazine photo - and lucky you for having such a nice adoptive son for the week :)

Anonymous said...

Aren't dogs just the best buddies to have around the studio? Especially the little comedian ones...which it looks like Wilfredo is! Check out my "Amazing & Amusing Muses" blog post...a tribute to my studio dogs! Cheers!

lisa solomon said...

thanks for mentioning me in your interview. i am humbled and grateful by your kind words!

that image of your piece in the magazine is GORGEOUS congrats!

wilfredo... :)