21 March 2008

spring fever

rose bowl 10" x 5"

It has been a daffy week friends. It is official...I have become the obsessed and absent minded Artist I have always longed to be. Heh, not really. My absent mindedness is causing me more headache than I prefer to have. Wish I could blame it on spring fever but unfortunately that is not the cause. The good part is things are roaring in the studio at the moment and hopefully by next weeks end I will have loads of new work to share with you.

Some of it will be going off to Mudfire Gallery where I was invited to participate in a show, Line and Color, that opens on April 5th. You can read more about it here. I am really excited to be in this show and the cache of other Ceramic Artists that are also participating is fantastic! A true honor indeed! Be sure to check them out as well.

I have to run and unload the kiln now.


Spring is finally here!!
Have a glorious weekend everyone!


belinda said...

Beautiful bowl Diana. I never tire of looking at your amazing work.

cynthia said...

I've got the fever myself!

Beautiful poppy bowl.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful detail once again. Love your technique.

shannon said...

That poppy is amazing- have a good show!