27 March 2008

the menagerie

the swallow, the quail,the wren & the rabbit
8" x 2" bowls

I couldn't resist sharing these new bowls with you even though in front of the computer is not where I should be right now. I am so excited about my newest additions (the rabbit & the quail) to the menagerie of animals I keep in my studio. I am sending these off to Mudfire Gallery for the Line and Color show that opens on April 5th.

views from above and (over &under)

By the way if you are interested in purchasing any of these they will be available April 5th. Please contact Mudfire with your inquiries.


Anonymous said...

Put quails in the etsy shop, quails in the shop, I go coo-coo for quails!!!!

Abby Creek Art said...

Wow Diana...you are so prolific lately! Every piece is just beautiful.

I've gotta check out the Mudfire Gallery!

barbjensen said...

I'm feeling intense lust for the orange dogwood blossom bowl.

belinda said...

You consistently outdo yourself Diana- these bowls are delightful.
You must be working in your sleep at the moment!

natasha said...

i know this is after the fact, but when i was finishing my sculpture degree, i researched terra sigilatta and used it and LOVED it. i am sure you are more of an expert then i am at this point (i hope so!) but it had an amazing sheen like skin, won't stick to the kiln, you can add pigment, you can draw into it and it is pretty damn near waterproof, especially if the inside of the vessel is glazed already. i just put up the first link i found, but i assume you know about it already. let me know if i can do anything else for you. i still have my notes on how i made it. it feels really nice on the object, too. pain in the bum to make, but once you have it, no problems.

Shelley said...

these are gorgeous!!!!! i love the quail bowl. i just love it.

Shelley said...

these are gorgeous!!!!! i love the quail bowl. i just love it.

diana fayt said...

thank you for all your kind comments everyone!! i will keep the "quail love" in mind when making my next batch of work for sale ;).

yes, belinda i have been working in my sleep. seven days a week though trying to slow it down a bit now.

natasha, i used to work with terrasigilata quite a bit when i was in school. in fact it was a main element of my work so i am quite familiar with it. however its water tightness can be debated and one must burnish it to get that lovely soft waxy sheen and that is an awful lot of work plus it is at its best at low temperature firing and i fire to mid range. so you see it won't work for me. thanks so much for the link though. i will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Oh, the bunny reminds me of my friend who passed a few years ago. A wonderful potter, she did a set of four plates with the bunny jumping across/through each plate. You work it great. A

Shiny Black Shoes said...

omg those are STUNNING!!! so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!