17 February 2008


Today I received the most lovely email with a photo of one of my plates with a tantalizing piece of pie atop it. It inspired me to share some of the photos other people have taken of my pieces once they have become their own.


This is the one I got today from Tim.

Pie on my pear plate. Yum!


And Amisha, you're killing me with the cupcakes.



Natasha's talented and busy fingers makes all these lovely paper beads that are so elegantly spilling out of one of my bowls

Boy this makes me smile.


I call them tea bowls but Martha uses hers for yogurt.

Okay, I am hungry now.


I get such a kick out of these photos and
I really love being a part of peoples lives in this way.

Thank you so much for sharing them with me.


Heather said...

Diana, here's mine to add:


I love that bowl to the moon and back.

amisha said...

your work brings such joy to my everyday life... every meal i eat from your plates is made all the more delicious! thanks for sharing this photo too :) xoxo
ps i use my tea bowl for yogurt + muesli too!

alice said...

How lovely, such beautiful photos too!

natasha said...

i am so paranoid of breaking my plates that i just have them hung on the wall. i loves them. i will waits until they are worth millions of dollars and then know that i could be rich! rich! rich! hahahahaha. time to go to sleep. clearly.

Shiny Black Shoes said...

I think i would want to eat anything off those plates or out of those bowls!!! So lovely. Your work is stunning and inspiring!