04 January 2008

new for the new year

I am happy to announce (and in a timely fashion at that) that the new blog adventure I promised to share with you is now ready for your viewing pleasure. It still has a few glitches that have to be worked out but I think for the most part it is ready for guests.

The purpose... Honestly I just have a lot of stuff that rattles around in this here brain of mine and I have been craving a place to share it. Stacks of sketchbooks that are filled with drawings from over the years. Weird stories that need to be told and photos that want to be shared. There is no intended order to it other than to document it as it comes up. The point being that there is no point. Some if it will be meaningful, some of it will not. I might have something to say or nothing at all. I am not yet sure what it will become but I am excited to see what will transpire. Either way I hope you will all join me in this new adventure.

By the way, in case you were wondering, One black bird isn't going anywhere. I will still continue to check back in here and keep you posted with studio news, my new work and upcoming events.

Happy 2008!

1 comment:

Ana Rosa said...


I am a ceramist, and it was fantastic to find your job,
I really appreciate the drawings in the bowls and dishes,
congratulations, its a very creative work.
One question,
Do you make the bowls with heal? and the clay, is it a low temperature or high temp one?
If you want to visit us,


Best whishes,