13 January 2008

minty, pale & golden

medium deep bowls in mint, lotus and straw

So its been a while since I have actually shown anything ceramic, hasn't it? The last couple of months the work was flying out of the kiln and straight into boxes and was being shipped off to far away places before I even had time to get to know my own creations. My children left without as much as letting me button their coats. Luckily they went off to warm and safe homes where they are loved and very appreciated. The above three went to a new store that just opened up in Napa Valley, called Fete. I scrambled to get the work finished in time for their store opening and there was a moment when I did not think it would happen. Luckily the fates (no pun intended) were with me and I had a number of pieces for the store that I was quite proud of. It was a nice contrast to the sense of constant disappointment that I felt I was creating by not having things to the stores when I promised. In the end I got most things done with the exception of one special order that I am on the third round of remaking because the plates keep peeling. So what is a girl to do? I did my best. I worked hard. Really hard. Besides there is January. Sweet slow sleepy January. I am using this time to catch up on all the things that did not get done before the holidays but at a more reasonable pace. Thank god for January!


deevaa said...

I love, love, love the mugs you did for Lola et Moi. Its a pity they are all sold out because I'd like myself one of those! I also love these new bowls, fab!

Abby Creek Art said...

I love these new bowls, Diana. Beautiful work!

Lisa Mertins illustration said...

oh diana, the colors, the design...yummy!
i just got another of your pieces off of ebay from synergy...saving my milk money for your new work :)



amisha said...

january... it is still a haze for me! i feel like this is the most in-between month, halfway here and halfway there.
the new bowls are so beautiful. really love the yellow-on-yellow combination. xo

chaetoons said...

Glad someone loves January Diana. Here in Idaho, we are snowed in!
Grew up in sunny Florida so the gray skies are a bit over the top for me. However, am getting a lot of work done.
Say Diana -- Last night managed (a new experience for me) to post a chatroom on my blog for potters and artists. Am hoping to get some "live" discussions going amongst us about pottery, glazes, techniques and art-related subjects.
It sure would be nice if you would come over and join in! I know you would have a lot to offer the group!

andrea tachezy said...

I love the mint bowl, it is my favourite colour.

yuuco said...

Hi, I came here through flickr. I really love your style. Great works!! :)