11 November 2007

good times at the candystore

First things first a big thank you to everyone who came out to my show on Thursday evening. So many people had a difficult time finding parking and I so appreciate you all sticking it out to show your support. It was such a fun evening. The babushkas flew out the door. I can't wait to have my first random babushka sighting!

I did a lot of talking about my new work which felt a little strange as I have been so involved in the making of the drawings that my thoughts on what they are about haven't completely gelled yet. I woke up the next morning with a very scratchy voice.

I think the drawings were hung too high (though they look so nice where they are) and the lights were reflecting off of the glass so it was kind of hard to see them up close (especially for short people). Sorry about that. There are plans to move the drawings to a different location in the store so that they will be easier to see.

Friends and family showed up and also a lot of people whom I had not met before.
(It was so nice to meet you!)

Last but most definitely not least a big thank you to my buddy Lisa, who in the midst of her insanely busy schedule took time out to help me hang the show and was not only the most excellent photographer for the evening but also the most stylish in her folk inspired outfit!


farmerjulie said...

looks like it was a great success!! love what you are creating!! keep going!
julie :)

Mad said...

Congratulations, Diana! The show looks wonderful.

I got my calendar, thank you, and look forward to each month's surprise next year. This year I thought of you everyday as I looked at the beautiful calendar from '07. :)Mary Anne

bugheart said...

a successful

Little Willow said...

Congrat's Diana!
I look at your gorgeous 2007 calendar on my wall at work everyday, better get to it and buy the 2008 version.
Best, Larkyn

Little Flower Designs said...

Diana, Congrat's!! The window display is just lovely! Best! Linda

ashb said...

awww! I'm so glad it went well....but I knew it would ;)

big hugs!

amisha said...

how cute are you two? :) a random babushka sighting will be so good. congrats my friend on your beautiful work!