06 November 2007

babushka love

This one is going to be short friends. I have babushkas to press and pack. A wall painting to finish, drawings that need picture wire put on their frames and dress shopping to do. Whew...And I would love to squeeze a manicure and pedicure in between it all is well.

My pal Lisa is going to help me install the show tomorrow. So not only do I get her most fabulous company but her magic touch as well. I am a very lucky girl!

Okay, gotta get back to the ironing board.


p.s. The babushkas will be available for sale via the Candystore as of November 8th.


flora said...

Your works are gorgeous!
Have a great show!! XO


love them...in yiddish they are beautiful schmatas!

amisha said...

ohhh... love the babushkas!! really beautiful.
have a *wonderful* opening diana!

Belinda said...

All looks fabulous- have a great show Diana!