29 October 2007

what I am not going to say

I can't believe I have neglected you all for so long. I'd say it one more time but I keep going on and on about how busy I am so I won't mention it again (at least not in this post). I know you all understand.

I wanted to share this photo of this bus with you. It is parked out in back of the building where my studio is. It is what I see when I look out my window. Isn't it beautiful?!
So peaceful in its decay.

Okay and I also want to share a little bit of this too...(for my show that opens in 10 days!)

This one makes me laugh every time I look at it. She looks a little like Grandpa Munster from the old TV version of the Munsters.

...And this, because it says it all in one photo at what my world is like these days.

Well really only one part of my world. There is a whole other reality going on over here...

Oh and let's not forget about these...

They are available here.

I have more to show you but I promised you that I wasn't going to go on in this post about how busy I am.

{so check back soon!}

Happy Monday Friends!


Lillianna said...

Hello Diana,

Absolutely love all your work. The Folklore show looks fantastic. I wish I could see all of it "live", but alas, too far away. But I'm happy to have stumbled upon your work and your blog. Wonderful, inspirational stuff.

amisha said...

all the work is looking so so good... so excited for all of these wonderful things happening (and giggling about your description of your new piece :) ) it sounds like a whirlwind but in the best possible way.